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276 Pieter Vlamingstraat
Amsterdam, NH, 1093 DK

Gitaarlessen, ensemble-workshops, muziektheorie en meer!

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Welcome to my site! Here you'll find information about different types of music lessons. It's also possible to buy an arrangement from the shop or order one tailored to your specific needs. For more questions, or booking, click the envelope in the upper right corner.


About me

At an early age I got in touch with classical music. Fascinated by harmonies, I chose the acoustic guitar. I used the electric guitar later on, exploring pop and jazz. Not much later I submerged myself in Brazilian music. In the nineties I studied guitar and arranging on the Conservatory of Amsterdam, at the department of Jazz.

Currently I work as a composer and arranger, and teach music. Besides my own educational activities, I teach at the Amsterdam based music school Djam, on the subjects of guitar, harmony, rhythm, ear-training, and improvisation.  I also teach the modules big-band, 'listening to jazz', the history of jazz, and playing solos of the masters. 

I am passionate about all kinds of instruments - not just the the guitar. This is why I started the ensemble-workshops